Campus Exposure Club

Author's note: I wouldn't expect it soon, but there may be a Part 2 to this some day... I already have some notes about it in my idea file. In the meantime, I'd love to get your feedback... reactions, fantasies, confessions, and so on.


I'd been messaging with Allan for a while now. He was so close to committing to joining my club. The idea of it made me hard, and I idly stoked my cock while waiting for him to reply to me.

"I really need to be exposed so hard. I want to give up control, but then I get nervous about it..."

"If you let the BUT rule your life, what'll you regret later?" I typed back. "Anyway, you know the trade-off... we can play a game where it's not likely you'll be exposed, but the smaller the risk, the further you have to go."

"I guess that makes sense."

I knew I had him. Just had to reel him in. "How about a 25% chance of being exposed? I have a special game coming up where one out of four guys will get exposed. It's an in-person game, with the chance of full exposure."

When he started asking for more details I knew he really wanted to do it. So I didn't sugarcoat anything and let him decide for himself. In the end, he was so horny he said he would take part.

"That's great. If you're in, I have a full group. We can do this on Saturday. I'll send you the details once I get in touch with the other guys. To make sure you don't lose your nerve, I strongly suggest you don't jerk off until then."

It was on... this was going to be my coolest game yet.

* * *

I'd been exposing guys on Twitter for almost a year now. Once I had enough followers, I didn't have to do anything, as there were more than enough guys coming to me asking to be exposed. I've always considered myself to be an ethical exposer: I'd never put up anything that I didn't have explicit permission to post, and I would never blackmail or try to manipulate anyone. It's just... some guys get off on being exposed, but they lack the fortitude. I have a strong will, and I really get off of guiding other guys to bend to it.

The online stuff was starting to get a little repetitive, though, which is why I was getting really turned on my setting up IRL situations. Fortunately, as a college senior I was in a place where there were lots of guys who were horny and willing to experiment.

And that's how, on a Saturday afternoon, I had four guys joining me in my dorm room. That made it feel crowded, but that was okay... we were all going to get pretty familiar with each other.

Allan, who I'd been chatting with just a couple days prior, was the first to show up. That meant he was either the most nervous or the most eager. Or maybe both. He was a skinny freshman with short, reddish hair. He told me that he'd grown up in the country and wanted to get out as soon as possible so he wouldn't have to be so afraid of people knowing he was gay.

Rehan, who followed soon after, was also a freshman, and coming from a strict immigrant family, he was also cutting loose in college. He still had some babyfat on him, but he was a handsome young man, with strong features and a thick head of hair.

Ethan was a typical nerd, wearing an anime t-shirt stretched across his belly. He was on the chubby side, but he was still quite cute. I knew from exposing him online already that he got off on being humiliated about his small cock. But before today, he hadn't been committed to showing his face online.

Christopher, who showed up a couple minutes late, was the outlier of the group. He was about five years older than the other guys - older than me even. He must have been a grad student, or have come back to school after doing something else. He was the only one of these guys that was in a relationship, but he had told me that he kept his exposure kink hidden from his girlfriend. He was the biggest exhibitionist of the group, but also quite shy. He'd sent me a lot of nudes, but he didn't want me to post any of them online. I had actually been a bit surprised when he agreed to take part in this. He'd also shared a lot of his fantasies with me, so I was hoping we'd get a chance to explore some of those.

Once they had all arrived, the four guys were eyeing each other as I explained the game to them. "Okay, like I promised, one of you will be exposed today. You've all played some of my other games on twitter, so you know the basic idea... you're going to roll some dice, and I'm going to take some pictures."

I held up my SLR camera. "And they'll be better pictures than whatever you can get trying to hold your camera out at arm's length."

I set that down and picked up four identical USB flash drives that were sitting on my desk. "Here's what we're going to do. We're going to make a set of photos and an information file for each of you and they're going to go on these USB's. And then, I'm going to leave one of these in a place where someone will find it. So they'll have your pictures and videos and information, and it will be theirs to decide what they do with it. Got it?"

The guys were all nodding.

"Feels different than just submitting pictures to a twitter account, right? Okay, you guys are going to do a consent first, so I need each of your Driver's Licenses and Student ID's. Of course, if you're really lucky, they might even get exposed along with you!"

I handed each of them a sheet of paper with a paragraph printed on it. It wasn't one of those bullshit pseudo-legal "contracts" you see all over the internet. It was just a simple acknowledgement that they were here of their own volition, that they wanted me to take pictures and videos of them, and that they accepted there was a risk they would be passed along to persons unknown. Each of the guys printed their names on the sheets and signed them. I set those aside, along with their ID's.

Next, we did a consent video. I handed Christopher another piece of paper, and I took a video of him reading it. "My name is Christopher Wright. I am appearing in this video by my own free will. Whoever finds this USB drive has my consent to use the materials on it in whatever way they see fit, and to share them however they like."

Each of the guys read that for the camera. Allan, who was last, looked flushed with embarrassment as he stammered through it.

"You're really sure, right?" I asked when he was done.

He nodded. "Yeah... I just... never would have done this online, or without your help," he said.

We were ready to play the game. "There's going to be forty rounds," I explained. "Each round has a pose. Every round, you'll roll a die. If you roll a one, you can skip that pose. I also have a list for your information files. Every time you roll a five or six, you have to give me the next piece of information on the list, or, in some cases, make a short video. I did a bunch of tests on this, and there's a big range of outcomes, depending on how you roll. You could have almost nothing on your USB, or you could have lots. You might have lots of pictures, but without your name being on them. Or it might have your full name and address. Got it?"

We got started. The first rounds went quickly, and they followed the pattern that the guys were familiar with from my twitter games, stripping down one item of clothing at a time and having pictures taken. We'd gone a couple rounds before Rehan rolled a five, and turned to the information list for the first time.

My computer had four blank text files open, each titled with one of the guys' names. The information list was on my desk, covered with a sheet, to keep things dramatic for the guys. I slid it down to the first row which read FULL NAME. So I clicked on his text file, and picking up his ID card, I typed in "Rehan Anand". The guys looked at each other as it sunk in that this was going to be more than just having a picture posted on twitter.

Allan was the first to take off his underwear and be completely nude. His cock was rock hard, his cockhead pushing out a little from his foreskin. Ethan rolled a six and I revealed the next item on the information list. Looking sheepish, he told me his mobile number and I added it to his file under his name.

The next few pictures were close-ups of different body parts, and everyone's cock was preserved in a well-lit portrait. Christopher rolled a one for the round where I was getting close-ups of everyone's assholes, and he actually looked sad he wouldn't get to expose his hole.

As we worked our way through the rounds, things slowly got more revealing, with full-body nude poses. The guys all were very compliant with that, but I could see that it was sharing the information that was giving them the most nervous anticipation. After having his full address added to his file, with the next six Ethan rolled I added a picture of his Student ID card. He rolled a six the next round again, and a picture of his driver's license was added to that.

He was having the worst (best?) luck and having the most information added, while halfway through the game, Christopher only had his name and phone number there. That luck held up, and eventually Ethan had a lot more stuff in his information file than anyone else, including all his social media information.

The photos were getting more daring as well. For one round, I handed the guys some temporary tattoos I'd found online, and they applied them. Rehan and Allan's had a picture of a camera and read "MAKE ME FAMOUS", while Ethan and Christopher's simply read "EXPOSE ME". I got a good picture of Ethan's tattoo a couple rounds later while he was sticking a couple fingers up his asshole and looking back into the camera. Rehan's was the hardest to do, as it turned out he was quite hairy all over, but we found a spot on his firm bicep for the tattoo.

We were getting near the end of the game, and it was time for everyone to make a video. Allan went first, and I got some footage of him sucking my cock, while I asked him questions about who back home he specifically didn't want to see the video.

For Rehan, I pulled out a pair of panties I'd bought online, and he had to wear them while I had him tell the camera the story he had told me about how he had been sneaking into his sister's room to sniff her dirty panties.

Ethan had told me exactly what kind of video he wanted to post online, but was too chicken to, so we did that. I started with a close-up of his cock. With his chubby belly pushing out above it, only about an inch of foreskin poked out when he was soft. He played with himself until his little cock he was fully hard, while he begged for women, or for anyone, to repost him and make fun of his tiny prick. He was so excited that he actually shot his wad after playing with his cock for less than a minute.

Christopher was last, and I knew what he wanted someone to make him do, but I wasn't sure if he'd go through with it. But he'd been super into everything we'd done so far, so I thought I could push him a little. I started filming him.

"On your knees, boy," I said, and he did so. I directed him to crawl over to my tiny restroom. When he was there, I had him lift the toilet seat. I could tell he knew what I was about to tell him to do, and he looked somehow ecstatic and terrified all at once.

"All right," I said. "You can go ahead and lick the rim of my toilet clean for me."

Without hesitating, he started licking the dried piss off my toilet. He had first messaged me after I posted a similar video from a guy who wanted to be exposed, and he had told me how much he was turned on and wanted to do that as well. And now, he was doing it.

When he had licked the whole thing clean, he looked up at me. "How does it feel to know that someone might find this video and put it online?" I asked him.

"Oh my God," he said.

"And what if your girlfriend saw it online?" He didn't answer, merely closing his eyes as if he were about to come (or faint) just from the thought.

After that, there was only one more picture to take, and the guys played rock, paper scissors to see who would get to be in it. Ethan won, so I had him lay down on the bed while I stood above him and jerked off. After a couple minutes, I sprayed a big load of come on his face, and then got a picture of him covered in it. "I've never had someone else do that to me before," he said.

For the last step, we shot the consent videos again, but this time with all the guys in the nude. Now that they knew what the stakes were for anyone finding their flash drives they all really conveyed that mix of lust and terror I was familiar with from exposing guys.

* * *

Then, while the guys got dressed again, I quickly put the camera's SD card in my computer card reader and moved everything over. I divided them up, and then, one at a time, copied the pictures and videos and text files over to each of their flash drives. A couple minutes later, I held the four identical drives in my hand.

"So, that was the easy part," I said. "Now comes the excitement. It's real... all those pictures, all your information is on these. And you have a one in four chance of it being out in the world."

They were watching me so intently; I was already getting hard again from this. I wanted to stretch this out and give them as much anticipation as possible. I tossed the thumb drives around in my open palm. Then I dropped them on the bed, and stirred them around.

"One of you is going to get off easy," I said. I picked one of the thumb drives up from the bed. "I'm going to delete everything off this one right now."

I plugged it into my computer, and there was a pop-up with the volume name REHAN. "You're off the hook," I said, looking him in the eye. He seemed pretty relived. I called up the format menu and selected the full format, the one where you can't undelete the files afterward.

Then I turned to the group. "But now, we're going for a walk."

* * *

We all put our shoes on, and I was the slowest here as I laced up my Doc Martens. They're impractical, but it's part of my look. I grabbed the three USB drives off my bed, and then I led the four guys out from my dorm room. We headed outside, and went a block over to the main campus library.

We went in and up the main escalators until we were near the top. Then we headed off through the stacks and past rows of study carrels to a far corner and we stopped, gathered around a row of books like we were a study group.

"Maybe you guys have heard of this restroom? It's a pretty well-known cruise-y spot," I said, tilting my head towards a nearby men's room door. The three younger guys shook their heads, Allan giving the door a sort of surprised, wide-eyed look. Christopher had a smirk on his face.

"Well, it's exactly the sort of place where a dirty-minded guy might drop by looking for something interesting." I pulled the flash drives out of my pocket. "So I'm going to leave one of these in there. Wait here."

I turned and walked over to the door. Pushed it and went inside. It had that same piss-y smell that all the bathrooms had in these old college buildings from the 60's. It was a bit gross, but it also turned me on a bit, as I thought of the times I came in here and had random guys climbing over each other to suck me off. There was no one around right now, though.

I walked over to one of the urinals. I reached back in my pocket and pulled out one of the flash drives, and set it on top of the urinal. Whoever used this next would definitely see it - I was pretty sure it wouldn't last long here. I pulled out my phone and took a picture of it, then turned on my heel and went back out.

I held out my hand with two flash drives left. "It's done," I said, swishing open the screen on my phone to show them the picture. "One of you is in there. None of us has any idea who it is. All you have to do is wait. Maybe the guy who finds it will get in touch with you."

"Are you gonna delete the other ones?" Allan asked.

"Let's go back outside first," I replied, and I turned and started heading back out of the library, the four guys following me.

A couple minutes later we were back out in one of the wide concrete quads between the buildings, and I slowed down.

"Okay, let's take care of this," I said.

"I have my laptop with me," Ethan said, pulling off his knapsack.

I was holding the final two flash drives in the palm of my hand. "No need," I said.

With that, I dropped them on the sidewalk below me, lifted up my boot, and brought my heel down. There was a crunching sound of plastic and metal underfoot. I stomped my heel down a couple more times, then ground it back and forth over what was left.

"Okay," I said. "your data is safe now."

"Wai- wait," Allan stammered. "How... how do we know which one of us is..." he looked back over toward the library.

I shrugged. "I said only one of you would be exposed. I didn't say I would tell you who that was gonna be. I mean, I have no idea either."

Allan, Ethan and Christopher all had shocked looks on their faces. "Way I see it, you're getting a bonus. Two of you are totally safe, but you still get the thrill of feeling like you might get exposed."

"Oh God," Allan moaned. "what did I just do?"

"You just got months of jerk-off material," I said. "I know what you wanted; we talked about it for quite awhile. This was what you were begging me for." Allan was biting his lip and clenching his fists.

"Plus, I just showed you a great hook-up spot. You can go hang out in that bathroom and suck some cocks, and maybe you'll run into whoever got the flash drive."

There was a different glint in his eyes now.

"And you," I said, looking at Christopher, "I bet you're already thinking of going back there to lick the toilets clean."

From the look on his face, I knew he'd be furiously stroking himself when he got home. I knew all of them would. It would provide some satisfying stimulation for me as well.

"Well, that's the end of our game," I said. "You guys know where to find me. I'm guessing before too long you'll be getting in touch with me to play another game."

With that I turned and headed off, not bothering to look back at their reactions. I was horny as hell and eager to get back to my dorm. There was a guy a couple floors down that practically ran up to my room to suck my cock whenever I texted him. Plus I wanted to check my DM's and Telegram messages - I already had some ideas for my next game.


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