Eleanor of Penkhull Ch. 04

Some time had passed when Madams' Eleanor Brigham, Agatha Brown, and indeed Violet Preston, received an invitation to Madam Marie Roussell's residence, regarding the ceremonial sale of one of her house's well trained products. With her blonde hair up in a tight bun, Eleanor cut an imposing picture of feminine dominance as she strutted to the entrance of Madam Roussell's with the equally imposing Agatha, both sexually excited at the prospect of the pageant of a sale of an item of masculinity, its erotic cruelty, always such a thrill in this age of masculine oppression. They were greeted close to the entrance by an equally flushed and excited Violet, attending such an event- as a third party- for the first time. She had of course received 'C8', a male once known as Yates, as her own property some time before, but this sale of an item known as 'C9' to a woman unknown to their circle, promised to be a deliciously spiteful event.

Madam Roussell had already seen to it that her purchasing guest was suitably entertained before the three women arrived, the plump and very stern looking matriarch's cunt brought to suitable arousal, by sadistic performances of Madam Roussell's array of maids upon hapless male properties of the French woman; the tears of one, brought forth by the merciless application of a cane, a sight bringing a satisfied smile and a tingle to the cunt of the haughty feminine guest, witnessed by Eleanor and the others as they arrived. Eleanor whispered to the other two on viewing the purchasing woman.

"I can't wait to see the kiln boy's reaction when he sees her... she's perfect." The clitorises of both Agatha and Violet poked high and hard against their tight satin underwear on viewing the plump and full breasted woman, senior in years, very strict looking, every inch the ruthless governess or headmistress. Her satisfied smile at the tears given out in distress by a youthful male in honour of his buttocks being freshly striped, providing evidence of where her pleasures lay regarding masculinity. Madam Roussell allowed her the full indulgence of the maid's performance with the cane, and seeing to it that the caned male made himself prostrate at the guest's feet before introducing the three to the stern woman.

"Eleanor Brigham, Agatha Brown, and Violet Preston... this is Madam Barbara Huntsford, here to take possession of C9... and very eager to do so." She gave them a bitchy smile...

"So pleased to meet women of a similar nature... Marie's told me all about you." She looked down at the still snivelling male, and smartly stroked his fresh striping with the short whip she carried.

"Kiss my feet!" She smiled toward the three again as the cur eagerly lavished his tongue upon her boot leather.

"...we've just been talking about an event down south, a place called Darlington Hall... somewhere I'm very familiar with, and very fond of... where I'll be showing off my new acquisition..." She grinned eagerly at Madam Roussell.

"...when I receive him... and we thought you all might like to attend with your chosen properties..." She whipped the prostrate male, his tearful face grimacing as he continued to lap eagerly at her taut boots, then hiked her skirts back and spread her thighs.

"On your knees and sniff my cunt!... smell how excited I am about the prospect of owning a male so much worthier than you!" Eleanor and the others grinned wickedly at her attention to spite, even with a servile male she had no real interest in. They grinned all the more at seeing his cock poke bone rigid as his face disappeared, rapidly and obediently, under her skirts and between her thighs, the cock perking high on taking in the sexual aroma of a senior and thoroughly dominant woman. Madam Barbara Huntsford smiled, as the snivelling nose pressed up against the satin clad cleft of her cunt, wet with arousal, it's spice having that boning cock dribble pre-cum as its owner dreamed of being owned - and duly thrashed - by such a woman. She seemed to sense what the cur was thinking, as his nose nuzzled longingly at the clitoris poking hard through its satin shroud.

"You make the most of that scent, it's the last time you'll sniff it... and it awaits the nose of another who'll become more than familiar with it." The message was clear to Madam Roussell, who snapped her fingers at the maids, as Barbara allowed the cur a good sniff before pushing him away.

"Summon Madam Elaine Stringer, and the purchased male, C9... we shan't keep Madam Huntsford waiting any longer." As a smirking maid departed to fetch the strict Elaine and Madam Barbara's investment, another took the leash of the snivelling cur, leading him away on all fours, his cock bobbing rigidly as she ushered him with the cane and promised him another thrashing. Madam Barbara turned to her new friends with a wry smile.

"The event at Darkington Hall is rather like a dog show, males who already truly know their place, shown and humiliated for pleasure..." She grinned smugly with a knowing look at Marie.

"... it's a mere bagatelle compared to some of the darker events that are held there; some males never returning from whence they came, but I won't elaborate on that now... You'll be thrilled just with the history of how it came into Madam Beatrice Belvedere's hands, still gives me a thrill whenever I visit." Her chat was interrupted by the door opening and a sneering maid announcing the arrival of Madam Elaine Stringer... and Madam Barbara's purchase.

The haughty Elaine was in her element, her cunt hot with arousal, as she led in the male she'd captured and brought to Madam Roussell's dressed as a girl, dominated, broken the spirit of with the cane, and now thoroughly trained to absolute obedience. Many of Marie's pompous feminine guests simply applauded the appearance of the male, led in on all fours on a leash to meet his new owner, but the three women who'd seen him at capture, gasped with excitement at what the rough kiln boy had been reduced to.

Madam Stringer's sneer was radiant as she paraded the defeated male before an eager audience of women... and the new owner, his sale to her he was purposely kept unaware of, to add to the thrill. Naked and waxed of any bodily hair, the hair on his head allowed to grow a little longer, he looked distinctly effeminate. His white buttocks bore the stripery of many a thrashing, fresh red stripes blending with duller marks giving evidence of a history of sadistic torment... and masochistic pleasure. The display of a broad plug, tight in his anus, bringing satisfied smiles from the women, below it, his cleanly waxed balls were smartly ringed with a broad silver band, emphasising the capture and surrender of his masculinity to dominant femininity. As he waddled obediently on all fours, the stiff erection of his cock was noted, poking from that ringed and owned scrotum, his submissive pleasure at being displayed in humiliation quite evident, and assisted by a buttoned, stiff leather tube running the length of his owned cock, a purposely rough cut edge, tight up behind the flange of his glans - every movement awarding him sexual stimulation along with that offered by the anal plug.

Despite being hooded in anonymity, the women could see from his startled eyes he knew something was different about today, the broad gag pressing the leather of the hood back into his mouth, assuring his obedient silence, not that he'd have ever dared question what was happening to him. His erection pulsed rigid with the humiliation of being shown for what he was to such a large feminine audience; a beaten and submissive male, owned and the plaything of womanhood. Elaine now emphasised just that, with cruel pleasure, as she built up to her moment of spiteful triumph over him.

"We've been playing 'sissy dolls' upstairs... C9 does so love to pretend he's a girl... he got the flavour for it when brought here dressed as a girl, in public..." Those women that were unaware of the circumstances of his delivery, guffawed loudly and sneered, at that particular form of emasculation, ever popular in bringing males to heel. His cock perked high at the bliss of spiteful derision shown him, his eyes going to Elaine's cane, hoping she'd use it on him.

"... he's make-up on, under that hood, but I fear the constriction of it will have smudged it somewhat... though I doubt I'll have the chance to restore it ever again." She smiled down at the hooded cur, greeting his now bewildered eyes, her cunt tingling with spiteful pleasure, knowing she'd have just the one more opportunity to apply lipstick to his tearful face.

"I have no further use for you, you are worthless to me, and could never have hoped to keep me satisfied... you're sold, and will likely see me again after today... and that pleases me no end!" He dared whimper through his gag now, and was rewarded with a smart delivery of Elaine's cane across the buttocks as she passed the leash to Madam Barbara Huntsford amidst tumultuous applause. The tears streaked down the tight leather hood, gracing the gag which held him to silent misery, as he took in the cruelty of the woman who'd brought him there, whom he'd longed for, masturbated over... and who now showed her ultimate pleasure in disposing of him.

His eyes now went to the plump and severe matriarch who held his leash tight, his cock pulsing in submissive defeat as he wondered what cruelties would detract from his lamentations for the exquisitely dominant Elaine. Her sneer and cruel intent in her eyes, had him longing to masturbate already, his cutting humiliation at being passed on like a worthless toy, beginning to award him a darkly masochistic pleasure. As he whimpered and wept, she pulled him closer to her broad thighs.

"Yes, you're mine now... the owned property of Madam Barbara Huntsford, and I'll have begging the cane daily..." She spread her thighs and hiked her skirts back, the audience of women tittering at her bold audacity, and pulled his face in between her gloriously fleshy thighs.

"Sniff the cunt that owns you now!..." C9 reseed his hooded face into her satin clad cleft, his erect cock dribbling visibly as he took in the rich spice of the woman who'd dominate him now, his tongue pressed behind the gag in longing to lick at that cunt and anus in masochistic defeat. As his nose pressed at the hot and sodden groove of her cunt, she had him long to masturbate even more.

"...you needn't worry about being subjected to the perpetual misery of girly games... my two girls, Penny and Belinda, will thoroughly enjoy, dressing, humiliating, and dominating you most thoroughly... and they're unaware of your purchase just yet." Elaine waited until C9 had had a good sniff at Barbara's cunt, and had been pulled out to kneel and bask in the humiliating adoration poured upon him by a smiling audience, before she clicked her fingers... and a smiling maid entered the room, carrying a frilly pink dress. Madam Barbara teased C9's standing cock with her whip, as he gasped with anticipated shame, her sneer so resolute.

"Oh yes, Madam Roussell, Elaine and I, decided it would only be fitting for you to leave this establishment in the way you arrived... you'll make the long journey home with me via public services, dressed as a girl!" His cock perked at the whip, as the maid let the long pink dress unfurl for the eyes of the applauding women, whilst Elaine stood sneering next to her, resplendent in her satisfied dominance over him, cane in hand, as she enjoyed the announcement of his fate. She looked down at him with contempt as Barbara unbuttoned the leather sheath from his cock, in a pre-determined ritual, and had him know he'd have a final humiliating pleasure under that roof, before the pleasure of seeing him feminised was had by all.

"You'll masturbate now... show your pleasure at my disposal of you, Madam Barbara's ownership of you, the pretty dress... and the many humiliations to come!" Under an enthusiastic applause, an array of seething feminine contempt for him, and the taut leash held by his new owner, he took his cock in hand and basked in the shame he brought upon himself as he stimulated his standing member whilst the women spitefully enjoyed his self abuse.

With his eyes moving between the strict and cruel Elaine, the whiff of whose aroused cunt he'd know no more, and the pink dress in which he was a about to know lengthy humiliation, the seed rose quickly from his balls, and was deservedly and justifiably brought up to his glistening bell by a cruel prompt from Elaine.

"How sweet you'll look in the dress... so much more fitting than when you arrived, such has been your training to effeminacy since you arrived... you'll get such looks from men and women alike... just think of the humiliation it'll award you." He jerked helplessly on his knees, and in a haze of submissive ecstasy at what was to come - and what had been - shot a torrent of hot semen to the air, to the cynical and satisfied applause of womanhood, as he disgraced himself for their pleasure, in total humiliation. Elaine and Barbara grinned contentedly as the cream continued to be spat out from his bell in total surrender, his defeat to femininity absolute... the dress awaiting him.

Eleanor, Agatha, and Violet, looked on in hot arousal, as they watched Madam Barbara study C9's tearful face with smug satisfaction as the maids removed his gag and hood, he, blushing like the girl he was about to become as his face was first wiped clean, then fresh make-up applied. His anus clenched hard at the plug, and his spent cock already showed signs of revival as the dress was offered up to him. It would erect, hidden below the silky folds of the dress on many occasions as he walked in humiliation, as no underwear was provided, other than a tight corset with pads at the breasts; the flowing skirts would keep his cock beautifully stimulated on his journey of shame.

The women laughed with scornful satisfaction as he was made to turn for his Mistress for inspection, and once booted, he was awarded the final humiliating touch. The women enjoyed watching him pant wildly, as Elaine showed them all the bright ginger wig he'd wear.

"You'll not go unnoticed in this, as you found before... all.eyrs will be on you, your shame will be thorough indeed!" She took great pleasure in slipping it over his scalp, the audience of women applauding and laughing wildly as he blushed as pink as the dress... and finished with the ginger wig, and his cock achieved a second rigidity, rising hard, high, and erect in masochistic awe at his belittling and shameful predicament, his anus tingling at the plug as he was led to the door under raucous applause as Madam Barbara made her departure with her new purchase.












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