I Hate My Master Ch. 27

I was afraid of being stopped the entire trip back to Chris's. I lived there and I couldn't think of it as my home. Driving naked always made me worry that a cop would stop me. And since I had to be naked getting home, there was no way I could cover up. I am sure someone saw me. I didn't notice, but it must have happened.

Once I arrived, I went in. I didn't have to strip, so I got on my hands and knees and crawled to Chris who was watching TV in the den. He had a grin on his face. Snapping his fingers, he pointed to a dildo in the middle of the floor. "Ride that and report the whole thing. Love the tags." I still had the words Zane had written on my body. I had forgotten them in my horror of driving here.

"Yes Master." I crawled over and lined my sore ass up with the dildo. Squatting down on it, I had the saddening realization that even without lube the fairly large dildo went in without much resistance. Then I began to talk. Chris switched off the TV and listened. Chris found it all very entertaining, laughing at my humiliations. There was a glint in his eye at my drinking piss, and he gave a full belly laugh when I told about being commanded to hold myself up on the door jam to be beat. He mumbled that he would have to try that. I was confident he would.

When I finished my report, Chris was silent a moment. "You will do everything Zane says. No question. Obey him completely. You will call him Master Zane unless you are in the office, then you will call him Sir. You will do everything you can to advance his career, even at the expense of your own. Do you understand boy?"

"Yes Master."

"Go stand at attention in the middle of the back yard."

"Yes Master." I crawled out to the back door where I could stand up and went to stand at attention. This was stupid. I felt stupid. I was left standing there for a while. I wondered if Chris had forgotten me.

"Get in here faggot." Chris yelled at me.

"Yes Master." I turned around and went in, crawling into the house.

"Rim me."

"Yes Master." And I did. For a very long time.

I was used when Chris wanted me. He fucked me before bed as he usually did. I was ordered into the shower to scrub off the writing on me. It was hard enough getting the skin of my body clear. I wasn't completely successful on my dick. I couldn't scrub enough. It faded, but it was obvious what had happened. I was dreading Monday morning at work. Zane would make it hell. At some point Chris was attracted to my moans of pain and let me leave the faded ink on my dick. I dropped the scrubber I had been using and gentle cradled my dick as I fell to my knees. My breath came in spurts. My dick was damaged.

For so long, work had been what little sanctuary I had. It wasn't much, with Mike there. But Mike didn't get too many chances to bother me. Yes, he'd tease me when he brought things, caught me in the restroom, or got so horny he couldn't wait. Zane would be different. Chris had ordered me to help out Zane's career at the cost of my own. And Zane could make me do anything. I was fucked. Fucked more than before. I looked at myself, sitting in my car. Stupid fag clothes.

I had to go in. I had to get to work. My guts were churning as I went in. I got the looks and chuckles that were routine. I hated it. I made it to my desk. Once I logged in, I got an instant message from Zane. >. > I responded, and got up at once. I could not delay. I got it and went to his desk. "Your coffee, Sir." I said and put it by him. He waved me away. But he had a wicked victory smile the entire time.

Later in the morning, I entered the break room to see Zane there scrolling on his phone. I got my coffee and hoped I'd escape when I heard him "Kneel, boy."

"Yes Sir." I glanced around. I had to obey so I got down. He laughed and waved his hand dismissing me again. I scrambled up and back to my desk. I felt everyone was staring at me. I flushed red. That had to be seen by some of them. There had to be suspicion. Last week I was Zane's rival. Now I was fetching him coffee. I was dispirited all day. I didn't even react when Mike teased me.

Being his waiter was the extent of my servitude to Zane that day, at least until I headed out to my car. Zane and Mike were standing there. Fuck. What was this? Mike saw the look on my face and laughed. "Stupid bitch. No class for you today, Zane's got you this afternoon."

"Yes Sir."

"Bitch is scared." Mike hit Zane on the arm.

"He should be. Follow me in your car." Zane turned to go, giving Mike a friendly slap in saying Good-bye.

"Yes Sir." I had no idea what this would be, but it would be bad, that was for sure.

I followed him and we parked near a gym. "Carry this." Zane tossed a gym bag at me.

"Yes Master Zane." The first time I had to call him Master. He got a self-satisfied smile. He was so enjoying this. I followed him in, he got me in as a guest.

In the locker room, he snapped his fingers indicating where on the bench to put the bag. "Strip."

"Yes Master Zane." There were a few other guys in, and I saw the looks. Some shock, some interest. Just what I needed. I kicked off my shoes and took off the rest of my clothes with him smirking at me, my almost faded rainbow pubes and still darkened dick. When I was naked I stood there. Zane then stripped out of his. I'd seen him naked so it was nothing new for me. He got into his work out gear. Normal jock, shorts, and tee. He took his time to sit and put on his socks and shoes on. Leisurely he stood up, reached into the bag and tossed me a couple items.

"Put these on." Zane leaned back on the lockers and watched me smugly.

"Yes Master Zane." That sealed it for anyone who had questioned what I said earlier. No jock of course. Skimpy white shorts, ripped up the side, and a pink muscle shirt that left nothing to the imagination. Zane snorted and reached back into the bag, pulling out shoes. Pink to match the shirt. I gave a sigh of defeat and sat down to put them on. There were socks in, at least they were white. But had little fabric balls over the ankles. Like a girl's. I looked at Zane with deep pleading in my eyes. Step by step Zane was making things worse and worse for me. Simple at work, well mostly. And slowly ramping it up here.

His smile broadened. "Put them on."

"Yes Master Zane." I had a catch in my throat. Once they were on, I looked down at them, not wanting to raise my head. Zane was going to humiliate me further in front of everyone here. He hated me. He'd be getting off on all of this.

Zane slapped me upside the head. "You're going to be my weight bitch. You'll load and unload my weights. Wipe down my equipment. Hold my water. You're here to serve me not workout on your own."

"Yes Master Zane." I didn't look up.

"And you will be enthusiastic about it." Oh fuck. He ordered an attitude.

"Of course Master Zane, I love serving you." I looked up with glee on my face. "I can't wait to get started." I bounced off the bench and rocked on my feet a bit. I felt excitement rising in me. Damn Chris. Zane took a big step in making it more horrible for me.

Zane leaned in and locked eyes with me. "You will always be enthusiastic serving me. At work, here, everywhere."

"Yes Master Zane, I am. It's the best thing ever." I was happy to do this. I fucking hated that I was now following Zane thrilled at the opportunity to be his weight bitch. Chris must have told him how to do this. It wasn't only my outward appearance. Orders like this changed my personality and emotions. So in my mind was the excitement that I had to do this, and excitement as great as a kid on Christmas.

Zane tossed me a towel and water bottle and led the way onto the main floor. He started out on a mat doing stretches. I stood near waiting for him to want something. My face would look at him in admiration, and scan around to see who else was. I could see some people watching, indicating me to their buddies. Dressed as I was, the slender hope I'd be considered a coach dissolved.

Once he stretched out, Zane headed for a treadmill to warm up, getting a nice run in. I followed like a good weight bitch and stood again. I noticed Zane's ass, and it was firm. All this dick I was taking was effecting my head. I was sizing up men. I was straight, but I felt the desire to rim him again. Was this Chris's doing messing with my mind more or was this something he didn't know about. Whichever it was, it was horrible for me.

Zane finished his warm up and headed to a machine. I did my duty and wiped it down before going to stand by his machine with a big smile on my face. I felt like a fool. I am a fool. I looked on with servile pride, which was not something I even knew could exist before. He did a good set before going on to the next machine. I wiped down several machines as he did his circuit. Zane never acknowledged me, he went from one to another occasionally putting his hand out for me to hand him the water bottle.

Everyone in the gym could tell I was there to be Zane's bitch. I wasn't working out, I was doing all the crap work they were having to do on their own. Zane had to be the envy of the gym.

It got worse, I knew it would. Zane made it to the free weights. He pointed to a bar. "Fetch bitch."

"Of course Master Zane." I joyfully got his bar, putting it where he directed.

"Get a pair of 25 lbs. put them on it."

"Right away Master Zane." I was getting looks from the guys nearby who could hear me. I hated it, at the same time Zane's order was giving me a thrill in my head as well. I was having to fight my own emotions. I got the weights and slid them on the bar.

"Fetch a couple collars bitch." Zane was eating up ordering me around and demeaning me like this.

"You do need them." I scrambled to obey this new order. I passed one of the bodybuilders who had a shit-eating grin on his face watching me. I was a joke to everyone here. I knelt to put on the collars and stood out of the way.

Between lifts Zane ordered me to fetch more weights. I did, catching the looks of the people around. It was terrible. And I looked so into it. A couple head shakes told me they thought I was pitiful. I was watched and laughed at. It was crushing, to be seen this way.

In front of a whole gym I was serving Zane like a stupid love-struck bitch. I was in good shape, I worked out, Chris had me under orders to keep my body muscular. So humiliating to me. I was waiting around watching a guy I had disliked for a while, and now I looked like he was my hero. I glowed when he did a good lift. I was such a putz.

After a really good set, Zane ordered me to put all of it away as he headed to the showers. I obeyed with the eyes of the gym on me, sneers at me and envy of what Zane had me do. Once everything was done, I headed after Zane.

Zane was already showering. "Bitch, strip and get in here to clean my ass."

"Yes Master Zane." Stripping was fast, and it took no time for me to be kneeling behind him, licking his ass. Shower water washed over me, I was tasting his ass again, my tongue poking into the hole.

"Damn man, getting full service, aren't ya?" A naked man wandered in and turned on a shower.

"You know how your ass gets sweaty working out. Need it fixed up right." Zane pushed out a bit, to rub it into me.

"Would be a great service to roll out." The stranger started to soap up.

"In the meantime, use this one." Zane kicked his foot at me. "Go clean the man's ass."

"Glad to Master Zane." I got up and went to the man who laughed at me, crouching to give me faster access. I got to licking like his ass was made of ice cream. Since he had been showering, he was clean. He groaned in pleasure.

Sure enough, being rimmed turned this guy on. Zane noticed. "You're growing there man."

"He's got a good tongue."

"Try his throat."


"Yeah, bitch give him your throat."

"So happy to Master Zane." I pulled back and this guy shoved his dick in my mouth and got to pumping. I heard Zane laugh as I struggled. The guy grabbed my head and face fucked me as Zane encouraged him. I was taking some strange dick under the command of a guy from work. My life was shit. He came and stepped back into the spray of water.

"Thank the man bitch." Zane ordered.

"Thank you for letting me eat your ass and swallow your tasty dick Sir! I hope I was useful to you." I looked up like a kid offered candy.

"It was good bitch." The man grinned like he had won something.

"Come on bitch, I'm done." Zane turned off the faucets and headed out of the shower area, drying himself.

"Yes Master Zane." Calling him Master in front of this stranger should not have embarrassed as much as it did.

Zane finished drying off and snapped his fingers for me to kneel. I obeyed silently. Naked. Dripping wet, dick still darkened with ink. Degraded by a rival at work. Zane dressed and left, leaving me to carry his bag. But I was still naked. Was I supposed to follow with nothing on?

"Put your shorts on bitch. Just your shorts." He called back.

"Yes Master Zane." I quickly got them on as I heard the stranger I had blown laugh. I picked up the bag and scrambled after Zane. Zane was most of the way out, and I followed, shirtless and shoeless. And dripping wet. I felt stupid and everyone was watching me. I blushed red all over.

I made it to Zane's car, he had the back door open, so I put his bag in it. "See you at work tomorrow bitch."

"Yes Master Zane, I look forward to serving you."

"And bring me a coffee right off. I don't need to wait."

"My pleasure Master Zane."

He got in his car and left, like I was an empty McDonald's bag. I went to my car, then realized I didn't have my keys. I stood defeatedly looking down at my car. What was I going to do? No keys, wallet, phone.

"Dumb fuck." I heard a voice and turned around. Zane had returned with a condescending expression on his face.

"Stupid bitch. Dig them out of my bag. Only your keys and phone."

"You saved me Master Zane. Thank you." I opened the door, rooted in the bag, got what I was allowed and ducked back out.

"Bitch, you are so stupid." Zane laughed and drove off again. I got in my car and headed to Chris's.

I got a text for my Dial-A-Fag service. Josh ordered my presence, but the text didn't say what. I pulled to the side to reply. "Yay! I get to serve you again! I'll be hopping over at once."

I hated how I had to text replies to the Dial-A-Fag service. It was always so childish.

At Josh's, he opened the door and laughed at me. "Faggot, go suck my friend."

"Yes, Sir, right away." I went to the stranger and got on my knees.

"What's his deal?" The stranger asked Josh while opening his pants.

"No idea why he's dressed like that. Chris has him doing so much different shit, I don't ask." Josh said back as I put my mouth on the guy's dick. I tuned them out after that. I didn't want to hear what they were talking about me.

It didn't take long to get the guy to cum. I swallowed it all and was dismissed.

I drove to Chris's place. After a hard day where my last almost sanctuary was ripped from me, and I was used in public so harshly. Home was not a place of comfort to me. And true to form, I was used for my servant and fuckhole status.

I was compelled to stop at a coffee shop to get Zane a nice first coffee of the day, and left it on his desk as I arrived before him. My morning was interrupted by his occasional orders for coffee.

After lunch, which I thankfully got to be alone, we had a meeting. It was fairly standard to go over certain projects. Ken, a couple levels above me was detailing an important project for a big new client. It would be a choice piece of work, involved, but with great visibility in and out of the company. "I know we are all busy, but Mark, I was thinking you had some time to help out on this."

Damn, this was a dream. What I have been angling for since I got here. Not only a plum assignment, but offered to me in front of everyone. I was posed to accept when Chris's orders hit me 'You will do everything you can to advance his career, even at the expense of your own'. Damn, damn, and double-damn. So I heard myself say "Ken, I would love to, but you have detailed some very specific needs of the client where I think Zane's skills are a better fit. As much as I'd love to do it, the project will be more successful with him at the helm. If agreeable, I could take on some of his current load so he can focus better."

The room was silent. Ken had a confused look in his face, and I could see Zane looking at me through his eyebrows. He knew what was happening. Ken is a professional, so it didn't take him long to recover. "Nice to see you thinking what's best for the company. Zane, would you be interested? Got something you can shift over to Mark?" Ken had gripped the edge of the table to mentally stabilize himself.

Zane perked up, and sounding surprised, which I knew he was not, answered. "Love to Ken. I could have Mark pick up the Broward account to free up some bandwidth."

Ken looked at the two of us. "I'll get that hand over sorted. Zane if you'll stay behind, the rest of you can go." Everyone, including me, left. I was crushed. My dreams I had to give away to my worst enemy at work, and in front of everyone. And there was not a person in the room who didn't know the infamous Broward account. The biggest pile of shit someone had to deal with. In front of my entire work group, I had handed a solid prize over with a smile on my face and still smiling got handed a stinking pile of crap.

I gave half-smiles to the people looking at me sideways trying to figure out what I was doing. This was no ploy, it was orders. I was red-faced, and everyone could tell.

I hit the restroom to wash my face. Yes, it was red. I had to be the topic of every conversation in person and digital in the office now. My new outfits, fetching Zane's drinks. When Zane came out of the conference room, he had a huge smile. Moments later I had an IM order for a drink which I delivered to him.

With my "Here you are Sir." as I placed the cup down, Zane handed some files over.

"You'll need these. Broward account."

"Thank you, I'm so glad I could take this off your hands so you can do something more important." I saw some of the people nearby raise their brows in surprise. I had sealed it. Everyone would know I was screwing myself over for his benefit even if they didn't know why. The rumor mill would be that he had some blackmail on me, but no, it was the fucking commands he and Chris had laid on me.

I felt like I was under a microscope and naked the rest of the day. Anyone who came by I was sure was angling to suss out my motives. If I glanced around, I saw eyes dart away. I felt the heat of shame on the back of my neck. Ken came out and where he seemed normal, I saw some puzzled glances my way. Mike having control of me had been bad enough, and now I longed for the time when it was some words and occasional blow job. How was I fucking wishing for that?

I kept looking at the file Zane had given me. It had been my account before, and I'd been able to shuffle it away. The customer was demanding and complained about everything. Messages to managers about shoddy service. A lot was plain bitching, but if you made one actual mistake they were on it blowing it all out of proportion. Zane giving it to me publicly, and me taking it without a fight, showed his power over me. No one would pick this up by choice. He had literally shown the entire office he could shit on me and I'd fetch him coffee and deliver with a smile.

Zane IMed me orders to look through the file. I did, cringing at my obedience and that this was my job again. My crushed spirits fell lower. I now had no escape anywhere.












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