The Butterfly Tattoo Will Fool You

So I was going to hire this young fella to help me in social media marketing and we get on a zoom call and he is not wearing a shirt and he has this beautiful butterfly tattoo on his chest and I immediately fall in love. The way his nipples were incorporated into the design just made me melt.

Of course my body language gave me away and maybe my language was a bit aggressive or suggestive, maybe it was the tone of my voice I don't know. I was just mesmerized by his Beauty and all I could think of was licking those sexy nips. Well, like 2/3rds way through the conversation he signals to me that he is not gay, and I turn beet red. I am a photographer and I offered to take pictures of him at his place and he responded that it was ok but he was not gay.

That was kind of forward at made me realize I was a little bit too obvious. Never mind, I would still get to work with him and that was good enough for me. I loved him or at least lusted him and so I didn't mind as long as I could be near him.

So the day for our photography comes and I head out to his place and he is supposed to give me my marketing plan. I arrive and he invites me in and he is wearing a t shirt but I am just dying to see and touch what is underneath. I am sitting in his tiny kitchen sipping a water and we both have masks on and all that. When he calls me into his bedroom, I am thinking "This is it." As I am walking to his bedroom my cock is stirring already. He says I should photograph his chest first and then he will put on a suit and we will photograph outside.

So we are in his bedroom and I position him where the light is best. The mood and my lust are so thick you could cut them with a knife. I want that cock so bad and I can't hide it. He takes off his tee shirt and I take a few shots and then I go for it and ask him if he could take off his pants too. He says nothing and I try to act normal especially when I catch myself licking my lips or biting my lower lip.

Of course I check out his beautiful semi hard cock starting to tent in his white underwear. I have him put his hands in his hips and behind his back when he stops me and says "Put the camera on the bed." I remove the camera from off my shoulders and place it on the bed.

My eyes are glued on his manhood as he takes a step forward and pulls down the front of his underwear exposing his hardening cock. I look up into his eyes almost to tears because my dream has come true and he says "I know you wanted to see this so go ahead and suck it."

He didn't have to ask me twice. I open wide and take the full length of his cock into my mouth burning my nose in his musky wiry pubic hair I move my head from side to side as if motioning the gesture of "no" and allow his cockhead to rub against my warm wet tongue. I can't stop moaning when he says "Oh fuck that feels good."

I know I am going to swallow some cum so I grab his underwear and pull them all the way down to his feet where he steps out of them. This beautiful guy half my age is buck naked in front of me letting me take him to unimaginable pleasure. I massage his perfect ass some before putting my hand below his knee and directing his foot on the bed. This gives me full access to his scrotum which I lick and suck on like it is the last cock I will ever have for the rest of my life.

His cock is full rage on hard now glistening with my saliva as it slaps me in the face. He grabs his cock and lifts up my head by pushing gently on my forehead and aims his cock right down my throat again. He enjoys having one foot on the bed and another on the floor and puts his right hand behind my head and starts fucking my mouth with increasing intensity.

Soon it becomes too much and he puts his feet together as he is directing my head in and out face fucking me with amazing precision, discipline and excitement. His knees start buckling and I know he is about to cum. I deep throat him for all it's worth and begin nodding my head as he fills my mouth with his warm salty creamy cum. He is pinching his ass and tightening his muscles as they convulse as his cock delivers semen to my tongue. I open my mouth and throw back my head so he can see all the white goodness going down my throat.

I clamp down on his shrinking cock enjoying all the flavor and feeling until he withdraws and says "That was amazing, thank you". I moan and allow his perfect cock to go free. "Hold on there is one other thing I wanted to show you."

"Oh?" He responds. I turn his hips toward the bed and put my hand on his back to get him to bend over a bit which he does, I imagine his muscles feel like jelly about now anyway.

I separate his beautiful butt cheeks and place my tongue right on his pucker hole. Without doing too much I just want him to enjoy the feeling of a tongue on his ass and apparently he does as he exclaims "Oh my god that feels good."

With that I begin licking and eating out his ass and working his cock again. Because he is a young fella it starts to get hard again, but this time I really want to fuck. I unbuckle my pants and expose my huge hard cock dripping pre cum everywhere and lift him from the bed. I take a few more swallows of his delicious cock to make sure he is good and hard and wet when I quickly get on the bed and throw my feet in the air.

He knows what to do and with a little help slips his cock into my hungry asshole. He is grunting and soon fucking me hard and fast as I beg him to please fuck me good. Eventually I feel his semen filling up my stomach as he comes again. This time though he goes straight to bathroom and cleans himself up. I make my way over as his semen drips down my leg and quickly clean up.

We act like nothing ever happened until our eyes lock and I tell him how grateful I am. He agrees and says we have to meet again sometime soon. The rest of the session goes off without a hitch and every Friday I stop by his place to get my marketing report and protein shake. I convinced him to save his semen for me from when he masturbates during the week. Somehow him seeing me sip and savor his cum turns him on and so he provides me with a fresh batch right then and there.


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